Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome to the CHEMCAD Blog

As you’ve probably noticed, we have recently redesigned our web site and our company branding. This has been part of an ongoing effort to better reflect our core values—those things that make Chemstations who and what we are. We also wanted a way to communicate more directly to our customers about the work we do to constantly improve the CHEMCAD software.

This blog will serve as that direct communication link. Here you’ll get updates from Aaron Herrick and David Hill, two of the major forces behind CHEMCAD development and support. We often hear from customers that you’d like to know what they’re working on, and this seemed like an appropriate way to let you into their worlds. Of course, they also want your input! We hope you’ll comment here, or send them a note, a suggestion, encouragement, or whatever is on your mind.

Aaron will be actively looking for input for the development team. Look for posts to describe what challenges he’s facing, what input he needs from you, and potential new features or applications for CHEMCAD. David may post tips and tricks for new and advanced users, or tough support challenges his team has overcome. He’ll also be looking for input from you. What challenges are you facing in using CHEMCAD?

I’ll occasionally chime in myself. I’m most interested in understanding the changing process engineering landscape. We’ve built a nimble organization that has adapted to these changes over the past 21 years, and we want to continue that history of success.

I’d love to hear about other software tools you’re using in addition to CHEMCAD. What do you like? What do you dislike? I’m also interested in hearing about the pressures you’re facing: engineering challenges, business challenges, anything. The better we understand you, the better we can make CHEMCAD work for you.

So I invite you to stay tuned, and I hope you’ll become an active participant in the CHEMCAD dialogue.

To our existing and longtime customers: thank you for your business. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


  1. Hello:

    First, I wanted to thank you for developing a so useful program, I have learnt a lot from it, when I was only a student I didn't have the chance to use it, but now that I am working for a petroleum refining company I see that Chemcad is a program that can give you wondrous results about refining process. I use it in conjunction with Honeywell's RPMS and both programs make my daily tasks easier.


    Niels Mejia Ibarra

  2. Is it possible to comunicate directly with expert staff? who to do it, thank you.

  3. You can always call the Technical Support staff at 1-800.243.6223 or e-mail support@chemstations.com